— About MathChallenges —

 Kick start your brain with MathChallenges.  99 challenges that will exercise those gray cells. Whether it's a computation problem, a thought challenge, problems involving advanced equations or just challenges that use plain old logic, you’ll have to resort to mathematical thinking.  Remember mathematics is an active sport. A pencil, paper and perhaps a calculator are your tools. The challenges cover a range of math problems, which may both challenge and amuse you.  Sometimes math skills will help you solve them, other times you may rely only on logic.

MathChallenges is designed so that you can tackle only one mathematical challenge in a twenty-four hour period. During that time, if you get stuck, you can ask for a hint.  Or, if you are frustrated, you can always look at the solution, but you cannot go to the next challenge until a day has passed.  Why?  Because for some challenges our minds may need time to process the information and seek out that ‘aha’ moment.  Some math challenges need time to percolate in our minds.  So to remove the temptation of rushing to know the answer, the 24 hour rule lets us mull over the problem, and even, perhaps, come up with alternate ways to solve it.  A hint can be accessed for a challenge in case you need a boost, and when you do check your answer, an in-depth solution is given which may afford new insights.

Problem solving fuels imagination and creativity.  These 99 challenges will stimulate your brain, challenge your wits and increase your confidence.  Solving or understanding the solutions will both increase your confidence and understanding of math, and with each solution you will experience a sense of accomplishment.  The challenges that you don't solve will perhaps provide new insights on how to approach various problems.  By the end of these 99 challenges you will have enhanced your mathematical tool kit.

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