Logical Colors
puzzles of pure logic

A Logical Colors puzzle consists of an array of colored blocks.

The color of most blocks can be changed by touching them.  However, a few of the blocks are locked; their color cannot be changed.
Solve the puzzle by changing block colors until each of them is one of just two colors.  
 Logical Colors has three rules limiting the way these two colors are to be arranged:

   Rule 1:  Every row and every column must have an equal number of blocks   of both colors.

   Rule 2:  No row and no column may have more than two adjacent blocks of the same color.

   Rule 3:  There may be no duplicate rows or duplicate columns. 

Solve 10 of these puzzles to open the next level of difficulty.  Solve a total of 25 puzzles to obtain access to the complete range of puzzles.

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